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Volumetric wood-metal truss floor construction

Allows you to easily install communications, formalize stairwells, install partitions.

The average beam weighs less than 25 kg, which allows installation by one worker.

Excellent installation speed: up to 200 m2  Within 8 hours (one person) Easy installation on a masonry bar, concrete belt, inside a wall, steel beams, with a wall shoe.  


Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity, underfloor heating can also be installed on wooden-metal beams.

Protecting underfloor heating pipes with a concrete layer is more important than protecting with light mixtures, because after hardening, the concrete layer and the wood-metal beam complement each other. 

The suspended ceiling achieves exceptional sound insulation due to its high mass, which is comparable to a reinforced concrete panel.

Concrete floors have the best fire resistance. The optimal thickness of the concrete layer is 50 mm.


For the construction of floor slabs. A very popular product in America and Canada.

An excellent alternative to wood-metal beams and other solutions. Allows you to install communications. 

Special features: best value for money, fast production time. 

Available heights 300-400 mm, coverable bridge up to 7700 mm


A convenient solution when building a flat roof if it exceeds 4.5 m.  

No spring,  does not sink through. 

Easy to install. It is not necessary to increase the thickness of the structure to achieve thermal insulation


Extremely good heat resistance:

Thickness 300mm  U = 0.11  W / m2K

370 mm U = 0.085  W / m2K

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