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Easy to install wall construction system even for a beginner.

Ease of installation: the whole frame of the house consists of only 7 different elements. The use of a tape measure and a saw is almost non-existent.


The universal wall system does not give a chance to get lost. The installation therefore proceeds surprisingly quickly.

1.5 Floors

Best-in-class construction rigidity. The wall element passes through 1.5 floors.

Partitions and rafters form a single volumetric system that is equally strong, affordable and logical.

It is the most innovative building system in the world today.  In construction  there are no cold bridges


Safe and secure PUBLIC HOUSE system 

allows you to build efficiently without using heavy machinery

The wall thickness / insulation can be 300 to 370 mm.


For insulation  bulk wool, rock wool, cellulose wool or PUR foam is used. 

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